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On 04/03/2022 an Accessibility Audit for Whitelee WindFarm Visitor Centre, has been performed on its https://www.whiteleewindfarm.co.uk. there is an issue related to the success criterion 1.3.5 in the implementation of the autocomplete attribute in form fields due to an incident with the tool used to generate these forms. In a next release of this tool an improvement will be made to mitigate the possible impact that this barrier may cause.

The audit results meet the Doble A-WCAG 2.1 accessibility requisites of the W3C-WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Seal that certifies compliance with the WCAG 2.1 - AA level of accessibility provided by ILUNION Accesibilidad.

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  • : Doble A-WCAG 2.1
  • : 26/06/2019